For years I’ve wanted to try hip hop dancing. I love dancing. I grew up doing ballet and then as an adult I started taking tap dance lessons, which was something I always wanted to learn. It was so much fun, learning how to tap! Although I didn’t have a secret talent for it, I had so much fun learning! And then I discovered swing dancing and the lessons again brought me so much joy! So, why was I hesitating taking on hip hop lessons? I was worried about looking silly, uncoordinated and being really bad at it. I thought people would be judging me and would laugh at me.   Well, I finally said to myself, enough is enough! Who cares what people think? I’m no longer going to put off something I really want to do because I’m afraid of what someone else would think. So I signed up for dance classes! I invited a friend to join me and she said yes! Tonight was our first class. And you know what? It was SO much fun! I was brave and volunteering to dance in a smaller group in front of the rest of the class! See, I wasn’t looking around and comparing myself to the rest of the dancers, I was only concentrating on my dancing and getting the steps right! I left excited for the next class and I realized that how silly it was to have been so worried about what others would think! The important thing is that I have fun and enjoy myself!

If there is something that you always wanted to do but are scared to do it, I Dare U 2 Bee Brave!


Alanna Carr