Wash your hands! This is one of the most kind things to do when we are living through a global pandemic. Scientific research shows that hand washing improves various health issues and is the best and most effective way to reduce the spread of infections, like COVID-19. There is a very particular way you should wash your hands that can be explained in 8 steps. Step one: wet your hands, step two: apply soap and lather by rubbing your palms together, step three: wash in between your fingers and do not forget your thumbs, step four: wash the back of your hands, step five wash under your fingernails, step six: rinse thoroughly, step seven: pat dry with a clean towel or let air dry, step eight: turn off the faucet using a towel or paper towel then put it in the wash or throw out the paper towel immediately to avoid contamination. 

With Kindness,

Sarika Ganguli