There is always something uplifting and hopeful about turning over a new year. There is an aliveness and an excitement for a fresh start, to leave the past behind, and to be who you have always wanted to be. 

It is a perfect time for reflection. To return to what’s really important. It is easy to get lost in everyday tasks, school, work, family responsibilities etc. But when we take a moment and really look at what brings us joy, what excites us and what feels truly fulfilling, we can begin to align ourselves more intentionally to our vision and purpose. 

What would make 2021 the best year yet? What activities would you partake in? Who would you surround yourself with? How would you seek deep fulfilment and happiness for and within yourself? What would you release and unburden yourself from? Who could you forgive or share your kindness with? How could you express yourself more creatively and more authentically?

A great way to reflect on these questions and create your intentions for 2021 is to take pen to paper. Not only is journaling great for memories, stress relief and self-reflection, it can also be used in creative ways to plan ahead. A new year is like a fresh new notebook, the possibilities and ideas for each page are unlimited! Creating colourful, personalized, full spreads of your goals, books to read, new hobbies you want to take on or food places to try are just a few ideas. There is a ton of notebook creativity and inspiration online (Pinterest!). Embellishing these pages with markers, stickers and clippings will make them all the more fun to come back to throughout the year. 

Taking the time to put love and care into your written goals and intentions increases the likelihood of them coming to fruition. Revisit and make new pages each month and see what happens! When December comes around again you get to look back on all the memories and now have a keepsake of what your year was like at a glance.

Yours in Creativity,

Ravenne Villanueva