The IDareU2Bee on-line Summer Camp 2020 experience is filled with dazzling dares, journals, trackers, treasure chests, colour therapy, badges, and a next level kindness game. One of our favourite parts that the campers get to experience is having on-line workshops that inspire creativity, self expression and growth mindset programming lead by incredible facilitators that really put their whole heart into it.
Our workshops run the gamut from art, singing and dance classes to meditation and mindfulness and even Italian cooking! The creative arts are a critical part of a child’s and teenager’s ability to express themselves and develop confidence, that is the reason IDareU2Bee Online Summer Camp provides our young minds with the opportunity to learn to write poetry, learn calligraphy, read, paint, express their feelings and even create their own super hero character that is a reflection of who they are! 
Please take the time to click on the links of each of our facilitators. They are some of the most magnificent people on the planet who believe in creating a future that is kind and free of what does not empower the human race and our planet.