I Dare U 2 Bee Excited

I Dare U 2 Bee Excited

Last week I went on this roller coaster ride, it’s called the dollar store, have you heard of it? This place is like an amusement park, a little something exciting and thrilling for people of all ages! While I was waiting in line I noticed two young boys with toys in their hands. I noticed how they would casually look up at their father to tell him how excited they were and couldn’t wait to open the toys. The younger of the two boys repeated it at least 10 times, I could feel his urgency although he contained it well. I couldn’t help but smile, there was so much excitement in the anticipation of opening up and playing with these little toys. However, it made me wonder about the conditions in which excitement has been limited to.

I thought about how many of us are living in a time where excitement is conditional. Limited and restricted to the anticipation of something else; a vacation, a toy, a new game and the list can go on. Waiting and depending on ‘something’ to invoke the joy and excitement that all of us are innately born with is detrimental to our spirits. I’ve seen children watch bubbles form and fade away as if it’s the most magical show in the world, they stop in awe to look at every colourful flower they pass, they speak to rocks and trees. All of life is alive, vibrating and pulsating and children are so wise to know this. Children are imbued with this excitement and in all honesty, it’s exhilarating when we are present to it. Excitement is infectious, just like listening to a child laugh you can’t help but break down your walls and laugh with them. I often refer to children as the embodiment of our truest nature. We can learn so much from their vantage point on life. They are unafraid to express their excitement, it is freeing and completely authentic.

Imagine waking up EXCITED for the day! What would that feel like for you? When was the last time you felt excited? Many mornings I have the absolute pleasure of seeing the sunrise. It is like a game of peek-a-boo as I attempt to find the right angle through the trees in front of our home just to catch a glimpse of the sun; this fiery orange ball of warmth and light, slowly dancing its way up into the sky. It never gets old, like a mother playing with her child just to see them smile, the sun plays this game with me almost every morning. You see excitement should not be reserved for sometimes, for occasions or for tomorrow. Excitement is your gratitude for the day ahead, for the people around you, the air, for life! There is unlimited excitement for everyone to experience. All it requires is for you to be present to the moment of right now and you can open up to the beauty and limitlessness of being excited. Excitement is the ultimate greeting you can give to your life!

I Dare U 2 Bee Excited! Play peek-a-boo with the sunrise and to run aimlessly in an open field. To dance when only you can hear the music and show gratitude by greeting everyday in this child-like excitement!

With Love and Light Always,

Heather Maciel

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