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Train Your Brain

With today’s technology, artificial intelligence, demanding economies, and the era of convenience with a race against time, our kids are not being set up to win in life.  Today, more than ever, the necessary life skills, core values emotional, ethical intelligence and mindset training is needed.  Unless we teach our kids to be resilient, confident, and self-expressed, we RISK their future, their happiness, and their ability to courageously live out their lives.

Mindset development can dramatically improve a student’s academic performance, motivation to learn and have the confidence to think positively and be their best.  The brain is this wild and mysterious organ that runs on autopilot and is taking thousands of actions every second.  Yet, it is hard to believe that it is so powerful when we are struggling with memory, emotional upsets, confusion and every day challenges. Kids deal with so much more today that sometimes can fly under the radar with our busy lifestyles, and at IDareU2Bee we have seen the short and long term impacts that it can have on a child’s health and happiness.

You And Your Mind

Our programs incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL), cognitive behavior therapy and resilience training combined with our signature multi-dimensional life skills methodologies and the power of true emotional, ethical and social intelligence. This process and our brain compatible strategies has students engage in a learning experience at a whole new level.  Our organization has taken our over 30 years of experience in personal and leadership development, and student education to create what we believe is needed now more than ever.  When children and teens are able to train their brains with the values of compassion, empathy and kindness and apply them in every area of life they can see that these life skill will elevate their effectiveness and personal satisfaction. As a result,  their confidence will excel to a new level that has them believe anything is possible.

Empathy training and critical thinking partnered with emotional, social and ethical intelligence has kids be interested in investing in developing kind characteristics.

Our programs include the necessary understanding of:

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Equality

  • Equity

  • Body Positivity

  • Social Justice

  • Global Sustainability

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Social Change

With unique 52-week programs including after school programs and summer camp, we keep students, teachers and families engaged in outgrowing their past and creating their new bright futures.

Our unique process includes in-classroom and our on-line programs complete with an app, accountability structures and engaging training allow us to measure each student’s and each school’s progress, so statistically everyone can see every student grow.  As Malcolm X said “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” And we are preparing kids all over the world to be the change that will change the world.

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A bit more about US

Our Three C Principles: Connect, Communicate, and Create are grounded in the discovery of identifying what has been missing that will make the kind of difference needed to develop our kids to prepare for a future that is technology driven by training and developing them using creativity and authentic communication to mitigate the impacts that future may have with human connection and self-expression. We love technology and at the same time we have identified some of the constraints it may impose on a child’s confidence, courage, honesty and ability to be empathetic towards others.  Therefore, we have created programs that train and develop students in the necessary life skills to thrive in life. 

Be The Change

That Will Change The World

Be The Change

When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech “I have a dream” he never realized how his words and actions would change the lives of millions of people and begin one of the greatest movements towards freedom.  Gandhi dared thousands of people to be brave enough to create peace, and Mother Teresa always said “do small things with great love”.  When you read the words “be the change” what does that mean to you?  We believe that it means that we, you, me and every person can be the one to change the world. We all can be our own versions of Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Gandhi. If you want people to take care of the earth and be kinder, it needs to start with you.  At IDareU2Bee, we are charged up, filled with hope, and have a big vision because we know there is no planet B. Now more than ever YOU ARE NEEDED, just like the trees need the bees, the fish needs the ocean, and our bodies need air. Without you it is one less person that will show our earth some love.





Happy And Healthy Brain

Did you know your brain is the most important part of your body and that it works like the operating system in your computer?  Your brain is a fascinating part of who you are and it controls and evaluates everything that happens in your body, such as the thoughts you think about all day long, the things you remember and it  enables to you run, sing, read and eat.  Your brain is like the wildest invention ever created that sends messages to every part of your body so that you can blink, breathe, digest your food, and stay alive by making your heart beat.

Just like your favorite foods, music and friends that keep your heart happy, there are many things that keep your brain happy.  Having a happy and healthy brain gives you the energy and desire to live a joyful life.  Being joyful is so important because when you are feeling joy, others around you can’t help but to feel joy, and that is why your lifestyle needs to be filled with happy brain habits. Habits such as eating a balanced diet, getting lots of sleep, regular exercise, and positive thinking that will fill you with positive and happy emotions make your brain happy and healthy. Your daily routines can impact your brain either in a positive or negative way.  We believe that when you are aware of what makes your brain happy or unhappy,  you will have all the super tools you need to make smart choices.  These choices will create harmony and balance between your heart, brain and body so that your confidence will skyrocket, and the love you feel for yourself will expand causing you to be more compassionate, empathetic and kind towards others.

Watch Videos!

We, at IDareU2Bee, LOVE to write. Putting words on paper, or typing them into the computer is our way of sharing with you our feelings and what is important to us. We are so committed that you really get how special you truly are, so as you watch the videos, we hope you see yourself in them.  These kindness videos were designed to fill your mind with thoughts of love, honesty, compassion and courage, and we want you to know that the world is a greater place because you are in it. Please take the time to click on the button below that says “Download and print now” because this will allow you to have your own collection of our kindness poems that you can place on your mirrors, beside your bed, on the fridge with permission from your parents of course, so that anytime you forget how important it is to be kind to your body and your brain and have patience for your emotions the words in these poems will remind how EXTRAORDINARY YOU ARE!