• Discover how GREAT you are!

    Discover how GREAT you are!

  • Education Changes the World

    Education Changes the World

  • Love Begins with Family

    Love Begins with Family

School Programs

Our programs are designed to provide long and short-term support that is offered through our virtual classrooms, individual on-line programs and our Dare U 2 Bee Series for Change Experiences created for children and their parents as an experience that expands the offering and training that happens in our in-person workshops. This is an integral part of ensuring that we empower the students to embrace and practice the new life skills they discovered through our workshops. This unique part of our organization is one of the most important to us as we understand how easy it is for students to forget. Our programs are effective in having children and teens be responsible to implement these life skills in their everyday life.

Summer Programs

School Programs

SEL     Education

Character  Development

Positive  Parenting

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Connect. Communicate. Create.

A bit more about US

Our Three C Principles: Connect, Communicate, and Create are grounded in the discovery of identifying what has been missing that will make the kind of difference needed to develop our kids to prepare for a future that is technology driven by training and developing them using creativity and authentic communication to mitigate the impacts that future may have with human connection and self-expression. We love technology and at the same time we have identified some of the constraints it may impose on a child’s confidence, courage, honesty and ability to be empathetic towards others.  Therefore, we have created programs that train and develop students in the necessary life skills to thrive in life. 

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Be The Change

That Will Change The World

Be The Change

When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech “I have a dream” he never realized how his words and actions would change the lives of millions of people and begin one of the greatest movements towards freedom.  Gandhi dared thousands of people to be brave enough to create peace, and Mother Teresa always said “do small things with great love”.  When you read the words “be the change” what does that mean to you?  We believe that it means that we, you, me and every person can be the one to change the world. We all can be our own versions of Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Gandhi. If you want people to take care of the earth and be kinder, it needs to start with you.  At I Dare U 2 Bee, we are charged up, filled with hope, and have a big vision because we know there is no planet B. Now more than ever YOU ARE NEEDED, just like the trees need the bees, the fish needs the ocean, and our bodies need air. Without you it is one less person that will show our earth some love.





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Dare 2 Share

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

~Dr. Seuss

We Dare U 2 Share all the mystical, magical wonders of daring yourself to do great things!!  Capture your kind and courageous dares and show us what you did and tell us how it made you feel!  Take pictures or make a short video add our hashtags. Get out there and dare your friends and family to join you in being kind, responsible, creative, and generous!  Create a group dare! Or simply tag a friend!  We want to see all of the amazing and wonderful things you come up with! 
Use these hashtags and we Dare U 2 Share!


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