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KINDolution Day 18 -HAPPY 


“Whoever is happy will make others happy.”  – Anne Frank 


What does HAPPY mean? The definition of HAPPY is having, showing, or causing feelings of joy, pleasure and contentment.   

Being happy is what we all strive to be, in fact, we hope for happiness in almost everything. As you begin Day 18 of our KINDolutions challenge, being happy will play a BIG PART in how you participate. 

Happiness, that amazing experience of being happy is what we all strive for. We may not always go around saying to everyone “I want to be happy,” yet if we all look at the things we want, who we enjoy being around and what we love to do, there is a longing for being happy within all of those life experiences.  Getting a new possession, or eating your favourite food will provide you with momentary happiness, yet it is the memory of your experiences that give you that lifelong burst of joy every time you think of it.  Along with those happy experiences, we all feel a big mega boost of joy when we are with people who do kind things, treat us with respect, listen to us when we are down and are who we can always count on, no matter what. THAT provides us with a true feeling of being happy. We understand that life can sometimes throw a struggle our way and during those moments it is important to find our happy place. Finding your happy place doesn’t automatically mean your life will be perfect, it simply gives you the boost you need to cope and help you through your circumstances. When you can generate your happy place, you can also be that same happy place for others. When your friend or family member is feeling down, sometimes that happy smile you show them will light up their day, or when their energy is down, your happy energy will charge them back up. YOU CAN be that happiness in someone else’s life.  The ability to find those happy moments and experiences will help you grow through any situation, especially those that are difficult.  Being happy leads to being kind and you can always count on the power of a happy heart to create a kind mind.   


At we believe that being happy is a choice. It is something you can create within your thoughts. Even the physical act of smiling can instantly make you feel happy. Yet nothing is more powerful than intentionally being the kind of person who wants to give a big dose of happiness to all the people around you.   

Today we challenge you to do a KINDNESS ASSESSMENT. The assessment is simple and at times you may struggle, yet this is where your MIGHTY COURAGE kicks in.   

Do not give up, do not give in because building your kindness superpowers will have you win! 

Get Ready, Get Set and GROW forward with your GIGANTIC KIND HEART. 





  1. Are you willing to practice identifying the things you can do to bring instant happiness to your life and others? 

If YOU ANSWERED YES, GREAT! Scroll down to STEP 2. 

If YOU ANSWERED NO, stay right here and ask yourself this question. 

Why are you NOT willing to explore the possibilities of identifying what makes you and the people you care about happy?  

Think about what may be preventing you from practicing sharing happiness with others. This is not easy to do, yet we encourage you to write your answers on a piece of paper or in your journal.  


  1. Write on a piece of paper or in your journal the things and people that make you feel happy and why?  Also create a list of the things, situations and/or the people that do not make you happy and why. You may be surprised by what you find. 


  1. Write out how happiness can make you a kinder person.

NOW make today the start of practicing the gift of being happy for yourself and with others. We also suggest practicing smiling every time you feel a negative emotion and seeing what happens.  

Thank you for participating in the Day 18 2022 KINDolution challenge. 


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