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KINDolution Day 19 – BRAVE 


“Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the face and say move aside, you are in the way.”Melissa Tumino 

What does BRAVE mean? The definition of BRAVE is having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.  

Being BRAVE is not always easy and as you begin Day 19 of our KINDolutions challenge, BRAVERY will play a BIG PART in how you participate. 

Being brave when you are facing fear, or showing strength when things are difficult allows you to build your confidence to know you can face and do anything. Bravery is also when you do what is right, even when it is not easy. Being vulnerable takes a lot of bravery especially if it is not a popular thing to do. We all face situations that are not easy such as sticking up for someone or doing something at the risk of rejection or failure. Regardless of the situation, when you feel there is a risk your brain will start having all kinds of thoughts that are trying to convince you not to put yourself at risk. Those thoughts are not based on truth but are usually only your fear speaking trying to talk you out of doing what your heart really wants you to do. As long as you are not putting yourself in a dangerous situation, most risks seem that way because it could mean having your feelings hurt. Bravery is one of the best ways to build your kindness superpowers. It builds confidence and trust in yourself and shows others how incredibly strong and amazing you are. Most importantly having those bravery skills also builds your resilience against those things we call “fake fears”, you know the kind of fears that are all made up in your head, things that have not happened yet, usually based on the worst-case scenario which is all designed to stop you from doing what you know there is to do.  

At we know that we need as much bravery as we can get to face all of the surprises life has in store for us, many of which will be difficult. It will take a brave mind to look those fears in the face and say BOO! The braver you are, the more your kindness capability can grow, because it takes a huge amount of bravery to stick up for what is important to you and the people you care about. 

Today we challenge you to do a KINDNESS ASSESSMENT. The assessment is simple and at times you may struggle, yet this is where your MIGHTY BRAVERY kicks in.   

Do not give up, do not give in because building your kindness superpowers will have you win! 

Get Ready, Get Set and GROW forward with your GIGANTIC KIND HEART. 




  1. Are you willing to practice being brave and acknowledging when you have thoughts in your head that prevent you from doing what you know is right?

If YOU ANSWERED YES, GREAT! Scroll down to STEP 2. 

If YOU ANSWERED NO, stay right here and ask yourself this question. 

Why are you NOT willing to practice being brave and most of all being honest with yourself when you allow your fears to stop you?  

Think about what may be preventing you from practicing being honest with yourself about when you allow your fears to stop you from taking brave actions. This is not easy to do, yet we encourage you to write your answers on a piece of paper or in your journal. 


  1. Write on a piece of paper or in your journal three ways showing bravery will affect the situations in your life where you are feeling insecure or afraid.


  1. Write out how being brave can make you a kinder person.

NOW make today the start of practicing this for the next 30 days and witness how paying attention to when you are brave and when you are not will give you access to being a kinder and more confident you! 

Thank you for participating in the Day 19 of the 2022 KINDolution challenge. 


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