Why Be Kind?

When Yoda from Star Wars would say to the Jedis “May the force be with you”, what do you think Yoda meant? Yoda would often say to his students: A Jedi must have the deepest commitment and the most focused mind, that knowledge lights our way and do what is right, not  what is easy. Yoda was consumed by a force so strong, his light could castaway darkness. Just like all living things need the light from the sun, we all need love.  Notice how in the word “humanity” is the word “human” – the word humanity represents the human race, the word human represents YOU. Can you see how important you are? If every human always chose kindness what kind of world do you think we would have? It is important to ask yourself questions like this as that may be what inspires you to begin building your kindness footprint.
IDareU2Bee is committed to working in partnership with YOU, your schools, family and community to provide you with the tips, tools and love to build your personal blueprint and kindness footprint which make up your foundation like the ground you walk on. AND, build long deep roots of self-confidence and self-love like the roots from an old oak tree so that you have the courage to think great thoughts, take bold brave actions and know yourself as unstoppable, unique and irreplaceable.
Our family has created many activities, organized free webinars and filled this site with experiences that will support you through the summer and prepare you for the new school year. So click, read, download, share all the wonder and see yourself in every opportunity and discovery so you can grow your brain, spread love and build your kindness footprint.

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A bit more about US

Our Three C Principles: Connect, Communicate, and Create are grounded in the discovery of identifying what has been missing that will make the kind of difference needed to develop our kids to prepare for a future that is technology driven by training and developing them using creativity and authentic communication to mitigate the impacts that future may have with human connection and self-expression. We love technology and at the same time we have identified some of the constraints it may impose on a child’s confidence, courage, honesty and ability to be empathetic towards others.  Therefore, we have created programs that train and develop students in the necessary life skills to thrive in life. 




~Dr. Seuss

Happy And Healthy Brain

Did you know your brain is the most important part of your body and that it works like the operating system in your computer?  Your brain is a fascinating part of who you are and it controls and evaluates everything that happens in your body, such as the thoughts you think about all day long, the things you remember and it  enables to you run, sing, read and eat.  Your brain is like the wildest invention ever created that sends messages to every part of your body so that you can blink, breathe, digest your food, and stay alive by making your heart beat.

Just like your favorite foods, music and friends that keep your heart happy, there are many things that keep your brain happy.  Having a happy and healthy brain gives you the energy and desire to live a joyful life.  Being joyful is so important because when you are feeling joy, others around you can’t help but to feel joy, and that is why your lifestyle needs to be filled with happy brain habits. Habits such as eating a balanced diet, getting lots of sleep, regular exercise, and positive thinking that will fill you with positive and happy emotions make your brain happy and healthy. Your daily routines can impact your brain either in a positive or negative way.  We believe that when you are aware of what makes your brain happy or unhappy,  you will have all the super tools you need to make smart choices.  These choices will create harmony and balance between your heart, brain and body so that your confidence will skyrocket, and the love you feel for yourself will expand causing you to be more compassionate, empathetic and kind towards others.

Watch Videos!

We, at IDareU2Bee, LOVE to write. Putting words on paper, or typing them into the computer is our way of sharing with you our feelings and what is important to us. We are so committed that you really get how special you truly are, so as you watch the videos, we hope you see yourself in them.  These kindness videos were designed to fill your mind with thoughts of love, honesty, compassion and courage, and we want you to know that the world is a greater place because you are in it. Please take the time to click on the button below that says “Download and print now” because this will allow you to have your own collection of our kindness poems that you can place on your mirrors, beside your bed, on the fridge with permission from your parents of course, so that anytime you forget how important it is to be kind to your body and your brain and have patience for your emotions the words in these poems will remind how EXTRAORDINARY YOU ARE!

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Dance And Sing With an Attitude of Gratitude!

“Gratitude is the music of the heart when its chords are swept by the breeze of kindness.”


Music can inspire your mind and make your body shake, rattle and roll!! Music is something you can create with instruments, your voice, and even sticks on a table top.  When you create a rhythm, add some beats, a flow of melody and a riddle of lyrics, you are the conductor of your own masterpiece. At IDareU2Bee, we know someone who is awesome and cool, he is the one and only Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Soul Superintendent of our time and his heart is so gigantic that he wanted to create a song that would make people get up dance, shake in their pants, have them scream and shout without any doubt that KINDNESS IS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER. His name is Dr. Darryl Adams and he created this special song for you. So press play, get up and dance, sing a long and share it with the whole wide world, so that you, me and all people will know that being kind is what can actually heal the world. 

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Be Curious

Dare To Dream, Think and Act BIG!

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

– Dr. Seuss

Be curious about the world around you, take the time to allow your imagination to grow and never stop learning. Curiosity is the magic ingredient to believing in possibilities and dreaming big.  Always know you CAN make a difference with everyone, anytime and every where you go. Imagine waking up every morning and before you start your day you tell your brain that “Today is going to be a wild adventure, filled with so much wonder that I am going to be the one to make everything WONDERFUL?”  When we stop and look around we can often see things that we never saw before, and our curiosity allows our imaginations to be free and be happy. You are designed to do BIG things, with your BIG heart and when your heart and mind come together like best friends you get to be someone who can create the future. 

Historical Kindness

Did you know that before you were born and even before your parents may have been born, people have been doing kind things that made a huge impact in a big, bold, positive way? When I say big, I mean their kind acts were so courageous that miracles happened. YOU are just like all the kind and brave heroes in history and guess what?  You get to spend your life being the hero today and tomorrow.  Being kind is not complicated, every day you do kind things and you may not even know it! To help you learn about kindness throughout history we have shared with you stories of kind and courageous actions that changed the world. 

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Cultural Kindness

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All around the world there are different people living in different places doing different things that are unique to their community, country and religion. Special things that are amazing, like enjoying tasty food dishes, music, traditional activities, festivals, celebrations and also honoring events that happened in history that are special to the people who live in that country or community. Sometimes the easiest way to understanding culture is a way of life for people, the way they do things. When a group of people do things in their own special way it is something to celebrate. This is a part of that word you may hear about called diversity which means a collection of different things.  What makes diversity so FANTASTIC is we can share those different things, traditions, foods, music, celebrations with others. When you understand other peoples’ diverse cultures, you get to participate and celebrate with them. So to help you we have shared with you some of the beautiful and kind things that happen in cultures around the world. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that when you are asked a question your entire brain activates and releases serotonin which is a chemical that relaxes the brain making you happy and more creative which has you begin to create the biggest, juiciest, coolest, out of this world ideas!! Being asked questions and asking questions is how you come up with solutions. We have made questions FUN by providing you with an all-inclusive ticket to the world of inventions, and mysteries. Just click below to go on an adventure that will grow your brain!

What If?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you did not have your cell phone, the internet or electricity?  The world today is a result of all the people who came before us who were creative and had the courage to believe in themselves and never gave up. But what if they did?  We may not have electricity, cars, or human rights.  Their trust in their dreams gave them the ability to do things that seemed impossible. Believing in yourself and goals is what allows you to bring our dreams to life! Click below to activate your brain.

Just Imagine

What Could Be Possible

BE Creative

"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."  ~Kurt Vonnegut

Like Nobody Is Watching
Your Own Future
Your Own Song