What do kindness, sadness, happiness, anger and jealousy all have in common? YOU, ME and every HUMAN BEING.
We all have the capability to experience these emotions, and emotions drive our thoughts and our actions.

Our emotions are fascinating and they remind us we are alive and experiencing life. We sometimes need the downs to appreciate and be grateful for the ups, and our emotions are always coming and going. Just like the weather, always shifting and changing and after a storm the earth is always here. Sometimes we can feel as if our worlds are crumbling when we are struggling through something and our minds often make the situation worse than it really is. Imagine if you could learn thinking tools to support you through those times when your mind is having a thunderstorm of confusion and fear, or when your heart is feeling down and sad? We can all learn to cope with the emotions that are the opposite of feeling happy and it is easier than you think.

During the month of May, the team at IDareU2Bee is excited to share with you many tips, tricks and topics of inspiration to boost your brain through those moments that we wish we could make disappear and we are also SUPER EXCITED to begin to share with you what will be happening during our summer camp and some highlights from last year. Summer is only 2 months away and this is the perfect time for all of us to prepare ourselves and to build tools through those up and down emotional roller coasters.

So charge up your mind, open your heart because the next 30 days are going to light you up and give you a boost of social, emotional kindness.

P.S. Our founders @audrey.hlembizky and @alanna.carr__ will be taking on these activities with you! So feel free to share your experiences as they want to hear!

Click on the link in the bio to learn more about our Kindness Club for kids, parents and teachers or to register your brilliant kind kids into our Summer Camp starting July 25th, 2022.