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I Dare U 2 Bee a Leader

Who is a leader? Who do you think of when you hear that question? Do you think of teachers? Parents? Presidents? Prime Ministers? You are right, those are people in positions of leadership. And I’m writing this to have you consider that being a leader isn’t reserved for someone in a position of authority. Everyone, including you, can be a leader! You might be asking yourself how? Well, to answer that let’s look at the definition of the word leader. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines leader as: a person who directs the operations, activity, or performance of someone or something along a way.   Looking at that definition can you see that everyone has the opportunity and potential to be a leader? A leader in their own lives! In fact, there are examples right now in your life where you have been a leader, on that comes to mind is when you organize your friends to play a game.

Part of being a leader is taking responsibility for the way things are going to go. In your life regardless of your age, you can be a leader by taking responsibility for all the things that you need to do and all the things you would like to do. If you are responsible for keeping your room clean and organized and you know that if you don’t there will be consequences, such as not being able to do your favourite activity, acting like a leader would look like taking care of keeping your room clean without being asked to do so. Why? Because you are taking responsibility for your actions, you aren’t waiting to be told what to do, you are taking the lead, and the results are that you will always be able to enjoy your favourite activity with confidence.

Another part of being a leader is being brave and having courage. Where does that apply? It can apply with yourself when you are afraid of trying something new. Not knowing how something is going to turn out can be scary, yet having the courage to do it anyway is being a leader. Or, at school sticking up for someone who is being picked on regardless of what you think others might say about you, because you know helping a classmate is the right thing to do it definitely being a leader! The leaders that we look up to are those that stood up for what they believed was right no matter how many people disagreed with them.

The other thing about being a leader is that it can take practice! No one is born a leader! Practice being brave, practice taking actions before you are asked to do so, and before you know it being a leader will come naturally to you!

I Dare U 2 see yourself as a leader. A leader in your own life, at home and at school, being responsible and being courageous and being yourself!

With love,

Alanna Carr

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