I Dare U 2 Bee Kind to the Environment

I Dare U 2 Bee Kind to the Environment

As soon as I learned the word “dolphin”, I fell in love with the ocean. From then on I knew my career would have to do something with the ocean. As I grow I have noticed more and more the damage that we as humans have forced upon our environment. At some point because of this destruction our world will no longer exist in all its beauty.

Kindness comes in many forms, for many when people think about kindness they think about being kind to people, but being kind to the environment should become something we associate with kindness as it is just as important.

“The Earth is created for all of us, not some of us.” Anthony Douglas Williams’ quote touches on the concept that many believe that they  and the environment are separate. This is wrong, nature and all it encompasses was on the planet long before us. Our ancestors worked together with nature, there was a respectful relationship in which people took from the environment only what they needed, and were grateful. In today’s society, we lack this ideology because humans are greedy and short-sighted, only concerned with themselves and their profits in the present so they refuse to   recognize the importance of the environment. Although you may not care about the decline of the bees, rainforests being cut down, a particular fish population being decimated, or a coral reef being bleached beyond return,  you may care about people and about the human race, thus you should care about the environment. People rely on the environment for survival and if there is no environment there are no people,  and once the human species dies out, the earth will regenerate itself and it will be peaceful.

Being kind to the environment for me is very important and it should be for all people. Nature provides so many services for us for free and we use and abuse them for our own selfishness. Every day I see more people than the day before throwing garbage on the ground, I hear about deforestation (the removal of forests) more and more, and I see something new about how people are destroying the environment to a point where we cannot fix it.

Kindness towards the environment is crucial for our survival and the first step is recognition. We need to recognize what we are doing, because once we are able to see where we are going wrong, we can take actions to change our behaviour. The second step is actually taking action, things like picking up plastic water bottles off the ground on your walk home, refusing single-use plastic, anything that can reduce your carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere). We have the  ability to show kindness to the environment by doing all we can to protect it. Yet we must be willing to think long-term, to think beyond our immediate needs, and be willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of everyone.

We are running out of time to save our environment, yet if we are all intentional and act now we can make real improvements and reverse the damage we have done so far.    I DARE U 2 BEE KIND to the environment RIGHT NOW.

Written By: Sarika Ganguli

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