Give The Human Race a Big Hug!

When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.  ~ Harold Kushner

We are so excited that you are here because you are so important! Without you, the world just would not be the same. Your uniqueness is something we are grateful for and for that reason, we have created something incredibly special for you, your friends, family, your school, the community, and the planet. Now why would we do something like that? At I Dare U 2 Bee, we believe that children and teenagers are the ones that will bring enough love and kindness to the hearts and minds of every human being.  We are creating a future that is peaceful for all people, respectful towards all living things, and most of all, a world where kindness is simply something as common as the air we all breathe.

The kindness Gang invites you to join them in their mission to spread love and kindness all over the world.  Everyday is a perfect opportunity to be a miraculous rainbow in someone’s life, rise up to your greatness to speak your truth,  choose joy, explore, be curious and to share the wonders of  your heart and mind. Be someone who wants to give the human race a big huge hug.

To spread love and kindness all over the world we invite you to join the Kindness Club. A magnificent opportunity to be magical and show the people and the planet just how spectacular you are.

Each week you will receive free activities, inspiring messages, news and stories about our programs and how kids and teenagers all around the world are building kind communities, families and schools so we can build humankind.

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