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Life in Quarantine

At this point, many of us have probably realized the importance of teachers. We’ve now spent weeks chasing after kids, trying to figure out online learning, while questioning how teachers manage all of this energy in a room of thirty kids that aren’t even their own.

We are living in an unprecedented and unexpected time that is impacting each of us in different ways, but we’re all in this together. Isn’t that amazing? We’re all in this together! When we look at our world, how often can we say that we, as people, have all been experiencing the same thing at the same time? There is so much wonder and mystery in all of this, and while we yearn for a return to the normal, let us not forget that life is happening right now, in a very unique and special way. 

While we struggle to make sense of what is happening, we see the Earth replenish itself after decades of neglect, we see fewer cars, more people walking, and families spending more time together. There is magic in this moment. 

Life, as I had become accustomed to it, stopped unexpectedly on March 13th. On March 14th, I was scheduled to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of one of the bigger events that I produce, while also releasing my thirteenth book. Everything was set, the international artists were flown in and safe in their hotel rooms, and then the city updated their social distancing regulations, shutting down my venue, and cancelling the show. Months of plans, and thousands of dollars disappeared in an instant. 

As people, we often have a love affair with being in control, and struggle with uncertainty, but this is where we find ourselves, with much out of our hands, and uncertainty the new normal. 

Life has granted us this opportunity to reflect. Whether we realize it or not, we are teaching our children how to handle the unexpected and deal with stress, how to slow down, how to surrender, and how to adapt.

Those of us who are parents, are now more invested in the daily lives of our children. Many of us adults are now students, as our children teach us Tik Tok and the technologies they use to stay connected to friends they can no longer see in person. 

It will be some time before we experience another concert, but many of us have turned our living rooms into concert halls, performing our hearts out for a small crowd of excited patrons. 

With so many restaurants closed, many of us have been exploring recipes online, and channeling our inner Gordon Ramsey, becoming master chefs in our own lives. 

The dance clubs are all closed, but kitchens have become party central.

For the first time, our children are seeing another side to many of us. We aren’t just the parent, but someone who may have actually been cool in some other far off period of human history. If we allow it, they are seeing us as fun, and silly, and human. The superhero cape is tucked away, and they are seeing the vulnerable side of us, the side that assures them that while things may be uncertain and a little scary, they’re still going to be alright!

Written by: Dwayne Morgan



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