Teachers Feel Alone!

Teachers Feel Alone!

Teachers feel alone

Sometimes a teacher is the one people students feel comfortable talking to. They may feel like they can’t express their trouble to their friends or parents, but a teacher will always be nearby. Teachers pour their hearts into their students to provide them with a safe space.  But who do teachers talk to when they are feeling concerned or stressed out? To always give your undivided attention, while no one returns it back can be lonely. Teachers can feel alone because they care more for others than they do for themselves. Delivering that level of care and responsibility for their students does not leave them with a lot of time for themselves. This is worrisome because if you do not refill your cup how can you have enough energy to give to others?

Justin Tarte said: “Teachers who put relationships first don’t just have students for one year. They have students who view them as “their” teacher for life.”  This quote speaks to the importance of teacher-students’ relationships and the difference they make. It can seem like a struggle to make sure no child feels alone when there are so many personalities in one classroom.  Kids often come from unstable family situations that have an impact on their learning and development; nevertheless, teachers strive to foster stable environments for students to feel comfortable and thrive. The love and care teachers feel for their students can easily lead to the mentality that they must be perfect, but TEACHERS FEEL ALONE TOO.

Today, we at idareu2bee.com offer teachers a helping hand, reminding them they are not alone. It may seem like you shouldn’t ask for help but it’s okay not to be okay.   A healthy teacher is one who can let go of loneliness and let love in.  All the tips and tools in the world could never remove the pressure and stress on teachers but using healthy coping methods will improve mental health. To keep being committed to giving kids all the support, teachers need to train their brains so they can live their best life.

Everyone struggles and today’s focus is on our great teachers. We encourage you to LET GO OF LONELINESS and LET LOVE IN!

Let us first begin with a brief understanding of what loneliness is and how it can impact you:

Loneliness is the feeling of being alone, regardless of the amount of social contact

Being alone makes it more difficult for you to:

  • Build meaningful relationships: it may be hard to feel connected to others
  • Open up to others: You are so worried about others; you forget you need to open up too.
  • Stay positive: Being lonely can fill your mind with negative self-talk and thoughts of defeat like: “I’m being dramatic or “I don’t need to bother anyone.”

So, let’s begin the process of shifting how you think when it comes to feeling alone. It is not an instant remedy, but with enough practice, you can begin to break stressful habits.

Tips to break the habit of feeling alone:

  1. BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTH IT – You may not think it’s true, but you are worth the time and energy being spent on you. When you start to believe this, you will realize you don’t have to be alone. You are not a bother nor are you least important.  If this is true for your students, why would it not be true for you?
  2. START A JOURNAL- Venting and letting everything out is the best way to free yourself of strong emotions. If you find it difficult to talk to others, write it down. Seeing your thoughts and emotions on paper will help.
  3. INSPECTING YOUR THOUGHTS- Just like we watch what we put in our bodies, we must watch what we put into our minds. Inspect your thoughts and let go of all the negative thoughts.

As you practice letting go of being alone, it is important to remind yourself how amazing you are. Without you teaching kids, they would not be able to GROW into amazing adults.  We know that you must LET A TREMENDOUS amount of LOVE OUT so that you can keep inspiring and shaping young minds.

Whether you are a teacher that teaches in a classroom for children and teenagers; a homeschool mom or dad who teaches your kids by day and is a parent by night; or a teacher who teaches adults how to advance their personal and professional skills; YOU ARE a testimony that your courage, love, and passion to teach is the push we all need to lead us to our goals and dreams.  On behalf of our family at IDareU2Bee.com, we thank you for who you are!

Visit us again soon for more FREE tips, tools, and resources to transform your teaching experience and build kind classrooms and develop our kids to be kind.

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