Amber’s Bio:

Amber Howard is a Passionate Entrepreneur, NLP Certified Coach, Instructor and Speaker who works with her clients where they’re at and takes them to where they want to go.

Amber cares deeply about her clients and is committed to helping people experience connection and belonging in all areas of life. Having dealt with her own mother’s mental illness growing up, learning that both of her parents were abuse survivors, and leaving an abusive relationship in her youth, Amber seeks to empower others to break the cycle of shame and enrich their lives and cause results. She uses her Building Blocks for Success framework, resilience certification and training, and her own experience with trauma to create unique solutions that drive results for her clients personally and professionally.

Originally from New Zealand, Amber now lives in Toronto with her 3 children.

Resilient Parenting Workshop:

A 7 Week conversation and discovery into the impacts of challenging change, what resilience is, actions that we can take to improve our resilience, and the benefits of increased resilience on our children, and ourselves