Chris’s Bio:

Chris had a good childhood growing up in England and when he left school he had several jobs before becoming a car salesman. This led to a successful Management career and he moved to the US in 2010 before joining the Walt Disney Company in 2011 where he earned the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award.

Even though his professional career was going well he started to realize that something was missing and as he turned 50 years old this feeling grew stronger. The turning point came when he was shown the Golden Circle Ted talk by Simon Sinek and this ignited a fire inside of him that would take him on a journey of personal growth and self discovery.

Now Chris has made it his mission to share his awareness and to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today by helping show the youth that they have a voice and how identifying your passion, purpose, strengths, and dreams will lead you to a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Disney Dreams Do Come True Workshop:

To show kids that they can become anything they want to be if they want it for the right reasons and follow the right steps.  Each session leads the participants through the process of discovering their purpose and dreams.  As well as teaching them the pathway to successfully working towards and achieving their goals.