Jessica’s Bio:

My name is Jessica, I am an entrepreneur with a passion for health and well-being. I completed my degree in Kinesiology and have been working in the fitness industry for the past twelve years. I have been personal training for the last four years physically in person and have recently started fitness coaching online. I see so much more possible virtually in this field now more than ever. Throughout my experiences I have observed so much diversity around what it means to be healthy, fit, mentally free and to love your body. My mission is to empower others to master their own unique healthy lifestyle. With freedom, power, vitality, ease and happiness. I have worked with young athletes and I have witnessed the importance of care-givers encouragement in their kids being active. This is very important and I also see it just as important for kids to engage with their care-givers in physical activity. I am excited for this opportunity to share about this with children and introduce them to a new kind of responsibility around their health. Positively influencing how young people view health and wellness is very important to me. I am thankful for this opportunity to do so.

Fun Fitness with Jessica Workshop:

The intention of this workshop is to get the campers moving by engaging them in physical activity, leaving them inspired to move with an understanding of why it is important for their minds and bodies. The workshop will presence them to their responsibility for being great with their parents in the area of health and physical activity.