Jocelyn’s Bio:

Jocelyn is a certified children’s yoga instructor, and has been practicing yoga since she was 16. She has a commitment to sharing the juice of a yummy yoga practice with children and their families. For Jocelyn, yoga has been completely instrumental in her abilities to sit with her innermost experiences and feelings, and is a perfect access to self-love. She has always been passionate about educating children, and has been teaching children of all ages in many different disciplines for over five years. She has experience as a music and drama instructor, voice teacher, and preschool teacher. She currently works as a Montessori Preschool Guice, and strongly believes that when given proper guidance, children become confident, self-managing, responsible citizens of the world. She has also worked as the director of programs for children and their families to empower them to fulfill their visions of the future. As a classically trained opera singer, she loves to incorporate music and sound healing into her practice, especially with children. Her favorite yoga classroom tools include Sheila the ukulele, Kurt Franklin the rainbow mini-guitar, a gorgeous hand-made tank drum, and the Tibetan singing bowls. When she’s not teaching or making a difference in the world, you can find her baking cookies, sunbathing on the roof of her Brooklyn apartment, or making watercolor portraits.

Yoga for Everyone Workshop:

The intention of the workshop is to empower and enable the participants to become responsible for their own success and happiness in life through the practice of yoga, while creating a whole new relationship with their bodies and the people around them, and bringing the mind and body together as one whole functioning unit.