Stephanie’s Bio:

Stephanie is a long-time yogi, yoga teacher and outdoor enthusiast. In recent years, Stephanie has spent most of her life in remote, northern fly-in communities across Canada’s high arctic where she has been establishing a life jacket and cold-water awareness education program for youth. When she isn’t in the north, Stephanie likes road tripping in her van, VANna White, hiking the Adirondack Mountain Range with her dog Riley and travelling to warmer climates where she can experience new cultures, meet new people and have new experiences. During these recent uncertain times, Stephanie has put a temporary halt on both her work in the north and her travel adventures and has been spending her time finding creative ways to get outside, stay active with Riley, create inspiration that opens new worlds of adventure for others and finally getting around to finishing her pilot’s license! She finds joy in inspiring others to stay connected with themselves, with others and with nature through yoga, meditation, outdoor exploration and adventures! Stephanie is committed to creating safe spaces for other to try new things, take on life-long dreams and feel empowered in their quest to accomplish any goal.

Yoga For Everyone Workshop:

The intention of the Yoga Flow with Friends workshop is to empower participants to be mindful and loving through the practice of yoga. This 6-week session is designed so that participants of all ages understand what yoga is as a practice, how it can be helpful in their lives no matter the circumstances and how to ground themselves using various yoga posses and meditation.