Margaret’s Bio:

Margaret Boersma, OCT is an educational consultant and teacher trainer. Her career in teaching, combined with her expertise in social/emotional learning allows her to integrate the affective domain (people skills) with the academic curriculum. Her innovative training and consulting work results in students accelerating in leadership and communication skills while becoming compassionate citizens. Margaret’s use of brain-compatible strategies to engage and internalize learning allows her to create unique, cross-curricular programs that reach all students. She works with schools, school boards/districts and faculties of education in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Art and Drama with Margaret Workshop:

These dynamic webisodes teach children social-emotional learning principles while engaging them in storytelling, puppet making, drawing, movement and dance.  Each workshop delves into a new topic including recognizing emotions in themselves and others, productive ways of expressing emotions, perspective-theirs and others.  Margaret’s years of teaching experience has her interact with children in such a way that has them engaged and having fun while learning!